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Mediocre Salary Want to Travel Abroad? Here are the tips

Life is not free, everything is all about money, including when you want a vacation. Since vacations cost a lot of money, people often postpone their desire for vacations.

Moreover, for a vacation abroad, the money needed is not small. Even though holidays are the best way to refresh your mind, so you can keep your spirit to earn money.

So that it can be easy to have a vacation abroad synonymous with people who are well paid or have lots of money. Then what about the lowly paid or small? Say at the level of the UMR (Regional Minimum Wage) which is currently IDR 3.6 million for the DKI Jakarta area.

Don’t worry, there are easy ways to get around this. As quoted from, here are ways to be able to travel abroad even though the salary is only the UMR (Regional Minimum Wage) standard.

Save IDR 500,000 per month especially for holidays

Before setting aside your salary to pay boarding fees or food allowance, set aside a maximum of IDR 500 thousand for special savings for holidays. Save it to a special savings account so you are not tempted to use it. In a year, the money collected is IDR 6 million which is enough for trips to the closest Asian countries, right?

Simple Foods that are Important for Healthy

You don’t have to eat well every day. Eat simple foods as long as they are healthy. If you need to cook your own food so you can save even more food costs.

Say on a budget that you eat three meals a day with a simple menu, as long as you have rice, side dishes, and vegetables, IDR 35 thousand, then the money needed is only around IDR 1 million.

Reduce the habit of washing eyes at the mall

This point may be quite heavy, especially if the usual snack becomes entertainment. But in order to make trips abroad, inevitably have to feel at home and occasionally go to the mall.

So that the day is not too boring, do positive things like jogging or cleaning the house. If you want to hang out, it’s fine, but choose a cheap place like a playground.

Be diligent in hunting promo tickets

The doctrine of expensive airfare should be thrown away because this is not always true. Some ticket booking sites in Indonesia even offer many attractive promos, especially for flights abroad. For example, to Bangkok alone, there are those who offer a plane ticket price of only IDR 1.6 million PP (round trip).

In order not to run out of promos, check the airline ticket booking sites frequently. Choose the flight date that offers the cheapest price and is adjusted to the time of leave later.

Join an Open Trip

The more members who go on vacation, the cheaper it will be. Invite family, friends, friends, or girlfriends for a vacation together to make it even more economical. If you do go alone, take an open trip that is usually held by travel agents.

Stay at a Dormitory or Motel

If you want to travel solo, you can choose accommodation in the form of dormitories or motels, which are much cheaper than hotels. Or even more economical if you have friends in the destination country, so you can stay for free, right?

Anyone Can Vacation Abroad

Even though vacation abroad is quite expensive, anyone can do it, even for those who are paid the UMR. As long as there is an intention and make a good plan. Do the tips above so that the desire to travel abroad can be done and the expenses during the holidays remain on budget.